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Introducing the new EuroPAwards category in the wake of Brexit

We are just over a year on from Brexit and with a total of over £32m spent on the Leave/Remain campaigns, the EuroPAwards have added a new category to their awards: ‘Brexit-related campaign of the year’.

The political landscape has been dramatically altered by the EU referendum after polls suggested a win for Remain right up until the end when they lost the chance to stay in the European Union by 4% in the votes.

In the wake of these results and following on from the success of last year’s awards the EuroPAwards ceremony is adding this new category to celebrate the best Brexit-related campaigns of this year.

Across the referendum, the campaigns varied in their approach. Studies published by Oxford University’s Network Scientist, Vyacheslav Polonski, reported that the top three most used hashtags leading up to the vote were #VoteLeave, #Brexit and #Beleave. This strong online presence has been attributed to the Leave campaign’s success. The Bremain campaign on the other hand campaigned on the ground, trying to impact the ‘real political world’.

Since the vote, the Remain campaign has relaunched as ‘Open Britain’ and is now targeting voters through grassroots campaigning and social media. They are now the country’s largest pro EU campaign group with 550,000 supporters.

The awards will be given to the in-house and consultancy based teams that can demonstrate the use of a strong Brexit-related campaign. Entries will be required to fulfill certain conditions of which you can find here so if you feel you have a winning campaign, enter the prestigious black-tie awards today.

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