EuroPAwards 2017

Building on the great success of last year’s EuroPAwards and of the well-established UK Public Affairs Awards we are delighted to announce that the second EuroPAwards will once again take place on the 22nd November 2017. The venue will be the prestigious Le Plaza Hotel, Brussels.

Our host this year is Florian Eder, Managing Editor at Politico, our media partner. 

Florian Eder is POLITICO’s Managing Editor, Expansion, overseeing the newsroom’s policy coverage.

Prior to joining POLITICO, Florian was an EU correspondent for Die Welt, covering EU politics and policies from Brussels where he arrived at the peak of the euro crisis in 2011. Florian spent three years as an editor in Die Welt’s Berlin newsroom and previously worked as Italy correspondent for the Financial Times Deutschland.


The EU Public Affairs Awards are a joint venture between Government Knowledge, Public Relations Communications Association and Zetter’s Political Services. For the European Public Awards – or EuroPAwards – we are very pleased to announce the additional support of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO), The European Centre for Public Affairs (ECPA), Society of European Affairs Professionals (SEAP) and The European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association (EPACA). This greatly increases the international reach of the awards, whilst rooting them firmly in Brussels.

The Brussels lobbying scene continues to be extremely vibrant. The role which lobbyists play in developing robust policy and ensuring that legislation is as good as it can be is recognised by all of the institutions of the European Union. The ethical standards upheld by the industry are underpinned not just by the relevant trade bodies (with their codes of conduct) but also by the EU Transparency Register.

So this is your opportunity to participate and to share in the industry’s success. Whether you wish to volunteer to be a judge, to enter an award, or simply to attend on the night, we welcome your contribution. Whether you are in-house or consultancy based, commercial or voluntary sector, trade body, law firm, diplomatic body or governmental organisation, the EuroPAwards are very much for you.

We look forward to seeing you on the 22nd November.

Our Event

We have made entering both simple and affordable, and we will ensure that the judging process is both efficient and fair. So please, if you are proud of the work that you do, and you would like to showcase at least one aspect of it, enter the EuroPAwards!